The latin word for earth, humus, gave the word humilitas, humility.

This is how we approach this adventure and share our experience with those who want to join us.

Ca’ Mariuccia is an ethical farm that applies the principles of permaculture and seeks to promote environmentally sustainable methods and practices. We aim to develop and share our knowledge of agriculture that works with nature, of permaculture and practices leading to self-production and self-determination of rural communities – reconnecting people with nature and with each other.

We strive to revive ancient traditions with a new approach to production oriented towards the wellbeing of the earth and fostering human relationships, capturing what separates “working in farming” from “being” a farmer.

Ciao! Stiamo lavorando al nuovo portale e-commerce che sarà pronto dal 25 gennaio. Le consegne a domicilio sono sospese dal 7 al 24 gennaio.

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