The Farm’s Market

The “Farm’s Market” project started with the shop within Ca’ Mariuccia – open to the guests of our restaurant and B&B, as well as local residents – where we sell products of the farm and other quality local products we select: bread, fruit and vegetables, milk and cheese, eggs and meat, freshly made pasta, wine, oil, baked goods, jams, honey and much more.

The project has grown to include the organisation of farmers’ markets in other farms and urban spaces, where farmers are able to sell their produce directly to consumers and promote their farm.

The “Farm’s Market” has a dual objective: on the one hand, it aims to provide a service to local residents, offering the opportunity to buy quality products with known provenance. On the other hand, it aims to build new relationships between farmers and families who share the same values about protecting the wellbeing of the Earth, creating the basis for the development of local, provincial and regional networks.

If you are a farmer and you would like to participate in the project, send us an email at or visit us in Albugnano. We would be happy to know your story and tell you about us!

The S.A.N. School of Natural Agriculture

Natural agriculture and permaculture

The School of Natural Agriculture (Scuola di Agricoltura Naturale) was founded to promote the knowledge of natural agriculture and permaculture principles, and of practices relating to self-production and self-determination of rural communities – where these are seen as genetic heritage of our civilisation, and not just centres for food production.

S.A.N. aims to become a point of reference for those seeking to change direction in their life and turn towards natural agriculture and self-production practices.

Visit us in the new school premises in Cerreto d’Asti. For more information, please call us on +39-351-9700297 and visit our website

Albugnano 549

Wine growers’ association of Albugnano DOC

We are founding members of the ALBUGNANO 549 association, which brings together 13 wine growers of the Albugnano DOC terroir, which is comprised of the communes of Albugnano, Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Passerano Marmorito e Pino d’Asti. Under the guidance of oenologist Gianpiero Gerbi, the Albugnano 549 wine is obtained from pure Nebbiolo grapes, aged in wood for a minimum of 18 months and bottled for at least 6 months. With a production capacity estimated at 200,000 bottles, this wine strives for the excellence of the great wines of the Piedmont, aiming to open a new promotional and sales window in the Italian and international markets.

Visit the website


The radio programme that tells the story of budding farmer Andrea from Ca’ Mariuccia

Every Saturday morning, from 10:00 to 11:00, tune in to Radio Veronica One and listen to Andrea’s programme: 47ORTOCHEPARLA (Tales from the Vegetable Garden). The topics: ideas and new insights about sustainable agriculture and alternative lifestyles, the environment, social relationships, training, food, ecology and innovation for the protection of our Planet.

Every Saturday the programme includes a special focus on a specific topic: we have talked about ancient grains, home schooling, nursery school in the woods, socially responsible group-shopping, alternatives to supermarkets, growing and re-using coffee, pet therapy, cohousing and ecovillages. Alberto Guggino is a regular guest with his feature But the sky is bluer than ever. In the feature Where to go this weekend we talk about fairs, festivals and cultural events in the area.

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