Our farm kitchen

The kitchen is open:
Thursday to Sunday lunch
Saturday lunch and dinner

We always offer an à la carte menu, except for Saturday and Sunday lunch, when we offer a fixed menu.

Please book if you don’t want to risk disappointment: write booking@camariuccia.it or call us 3357507496

We use seasonal ingredients and grow our own vegetables and herbs to prepare dishes typical of the Monferrato area, vegetarian and vegan recipes, as well as traditional farm cuisine of the Piedmont region, which we occasionally cross fertilise with other traditions.

Our themed dinners with Piedmontese specialties, from fritto misto (fried meats and vegetables) to bagna càuda (garlic and anchovy-based sauce served with mixed raw and cooked vegetables), from bollito misto (meat casserole) to tartufo (truffles), are unmissable. Join us and sit in our shaded farmyard in the summer or around the fireplace in winter to enjoy our “merenda sinoira” an old tradition of the Piedmont which is to dinner what brunch is to lunch.

During the year we are happy to host lunches and dinners for groups, companies, or special events for ceremonies.


AgriSundays are dedicated to the families who wish to have their Sunday lunch at the farm. The children can have their lunch with their parents or enjoy the meal with other children, choosing from our children’s menu.

They can enjoy organised games, fun and interesting activities led by a qualified member of staff, turning their Sunday into an exciting, sensory adventure where they explore the world of Ca’Mariuccia, the working farm, its people, animals and crops.


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